Royalty Vibes on SWISS AIR


Here’s a ‘lil #ThrowbackThursday

I absolutely adored the (then) new Swiss Business seat – a spacious workplace that converts into a comfortable flat bed at your wish. Travel professionals have voted Swiss Business Class the best in Europe on multiple occasions. I was able to score one of their limited single seating arrangements that pretty much resembles a throne. 

I traveled for 11 hours from Zurich, Switzerland to Hong Kong en route back to Guam back in 2014. Luckily, I had the chance to try their famous SWISS Taste of Switzerland – only served on flights departing from the motherland. This award winning concept allows some of the top Swiss chefs to create impressive seasonal dishes that combine the country’s unique flavors with their own personal twist.

What are the onboard amenities?

  • Comfort kits & on-board slippers (in the colder months, you can also expect a beanie or a neck warmer)
  • Flat bed seats that recline to a full 2 metre bed with an integrated massage function, air cushion, complimentary duvet & pillows
  • Noise reducing headsets
  • USB ports
  • Premier entertainment

What are the meal & beverage services?

  • Pre-departure beverage service
  • Customized dining (opt out from the full course & request a light meal)
  • Gourmet dessert selections (ice creams, fresh fruits, cheese and crackers, chocolates, liqueurs)
  • Mid-flight snacks (a necessity for long haul flights)
  • Selection of cocktails, beer, international wines, or freshly brewed coffee

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